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    Дениз Мари

    My name is Denise Marie,

    I was born, raised and educated in Canada. A month after graduating from the University of Toronto I moved to Japan to teach English initially on a two-year contract. Two years turned into nine quite eventful ones – I worked for several Japanese companies, completed the GEOS/JALT course on Approaches and Methodologies, was training teachers and developing educational materials as a company Senior Chief area leader, taught English at 15 public Junior High schools and one all-girls private Christian high school (with 1000 students), travelled the country, met my future Russian husband, studied Ikebana and even got a brown belt in Shotokan Karate!

    After moving from Tokyo to Moscow I continued to pursue my career of teaching with a multitude of Russian students that included business people, university students, young professionals etc. at various companies, institutes and schools, and was an officially designated English language instructor to diplomats from the Japanese Embassy in Moscow. Having worked as an EPSM Pre-School teacher in 2009 also allowed me to develop the new Phonics program. It gave me a new understanding of how very small children can learn the English language using the phonetic alphabet. Additionally, while living in Cheboksary, I had a unique opportunity of providing workshops for English teachers and giving lectures to University English language students in the Chuvash Republic for several years.

    There have been so many rewards of being an EFL/ESL teacher. First and foremost, it is meeting many wonderful and memorable people of all ages, as well as being part of their journey to learn a language and witness their amazing achievements. Being able to share and give my experience, knowledge and expertise to others who need it is more than a reward for me. Working presently as an EPSM Methodologist is definitely one of the highlights of my entire teaching career. Helping teachers and guiding them in their lessons is truly an invaluable experience, especially when you witness children’s progress.