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    We are Inquirers

    During the weeks to come, Preschool classes will explore life in a city and in the countryside, including places in the town and who work there, different kinds of transportation, and animals at home and in the countryside. Children will find out how life in the city is different from life in a small village. We will explore the functions of different places and things and how we can get things that we need. Finally, we will try to understand the concept of buying/selling and go shopping to prepare a class party.

    Lines of Inquiry
    – life in the city and in the countryside
    – Places and things that fulfill our needs
    – our economic activities


    Visit the grocery store – explain how you choose and buy food.
    Logical Sequences – try to draw a ‘scheme’ of where the food comes from. E.g., milk comes in bottles, but how did it get there?
    Places around the town – when walking in the neighbourhood, point out the places (e.g., school, shop, hospital, fire station) and think who works there. Together, think why these places are near your house. You can even make a book together about the places near the house, or a “map”!