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  • Psychologist

    Svetlana Vorontsova

    My way in psychology studies began when I was at school. In the 10th grade we began to study psychology. At that time I haven’t yet thought about being a professional psychologist, but my course has been already defined. First I graduated from the Murom College of Education, where the psychology was one of the main subjects. Then there was a Moscow University of Education and Psychology, department of developmental psychology and then the magistrature at the department of neiro- and abnormal psychology. I have been working as a practical psychologist for more than 9 years already. My every day at work is full of communication with children, their parents and teachers. My aim is to make being of every child at English Play School as comfortable as possible. If the child feels good at school then he or she is active and curious, motivated and knowledgeable, able to think and analyse. The child strives to perceive the world, asks questions and tries to find answers. All these qualities are the most important in the learning process. If the children are happy then the parents are happy too. And vice versa. That’s why always when the parents have any questions or need help I try to be around and support and encourage them. The important thing in my work is collaboration with teachers and specialists of the school. Only together we can organize the learning process and find the individual approach for every child making the atmosphere which only our school has. After all our main purpose is to make our kid’s childhood bright and unforgettable!