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    Teacher in Toddlers Group

    Olga Kolovanova

    Ever since my early childhood days I have been fascinated by the work of preschool educators. I could watch them working for hours and was always prepared to give them a hand and would jump at any opportunity to do so whenever it turned up. It goes without saying that the work of an educator calls for a true vocation. Besides, I am convinced that it is in dealing with children that, the best side of your own personality is manifested. My key motto – is to permanently learn new educational techniques. It is equally important that anyone who is engaged in this profession should always keep learning to listen to others, whilst simultaneously hearing what they actually say. At the same time there is also something to learn from children too in particular, their openness and their ability to see the bright side of things. My fundamental professional principle is to respect a child as a personality. As I am in charge of a toddlers’ group I am confident that it is extremely important to be not only an educator to your children but also a real friend. I enjoy looking after those ones, helping them take their first steps, educating them. Each of them is a distinct individual, having his or her likes and dislikes, his or her traits of character which is still in the making. Therefore, my key assignment is to make certain their all grow into decent people in the future. 

    On the other hand, I am always moved by the kids’ ingenuity and spontaneity at the same time. It is always such a treat to listen to their reasoning and help them formulate their ideas. I take pride in my profession. It is my occupation that helps me cope with any difficulties which I occasionally come across in my daily life. My beloved toddlers are in fact, my best friends.