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    Primary school
    Primary school teacher

    Natalia Yakupova

    The teacher is not just a profession but a lifestyle. This means the great responsibility for society and first of all for the student and his parents. I can’t imagine my life without kids. It’s so great to see their shining eyes, happy smiles, to hear their laughter, to feel their warmth, to listen to their exciting stories, to see how different they are, to support and to help them. Our profession means the constant growth, constant work with yourself. The teacher stops being a teacher at the moment when he stops studying. The teaching process is the constant search for different available forms of teaching, new interesting stuff – in the web-sites, in the books, in the magazines, while talking with our colleguaes. In our work we should use different kinds of technologies and methods. But the main thing is something we learn from children. It’s the ability to love and to forgive.