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    Primary school

    Marina Sushko

    Every person sooner or later faces the question: what profession to choose? 

    When I was a kid I already knew I’m going to be a teacher, as if I was born with the awareness of my life’s purpose. In my opinion, the teacher is the most important person in every child’s life. A teacher is a friend, a discoverer, a creator, a philosopher, a mentor, a psychologist, an interlocutor, a sparkle that ignites the flame. 

    To be a teacher means to live an interesting life with your students: to grow up together and learn something new together, to charge from your students and charge them with your energy. 

    A teacher is not a profession, it’s the way of life. I really enjoy being a teacher. Firstly, because I love children. Moreover, I consider teaching to be a very interesting and entertaining activity. And even if sometimes my work is invisible, even when it requires a lot of time and effort, everything seems to be all right when I see happy student’s faces.