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    English Playschool Moscow Nursery Teacher

    Evgenia Ogneva

    When I was a kid I was absolutely sure I  am going to be an interpreter.

    There was something magical about it: you need to have a great memory, be able to process spoken information very quickly and work under pressure.

    Step by step, I was moving towards my dream.

    I graduated with a bachelor degree from the Dubna State University (linguistics) and with a masters degree (translation studies and philology) from the Russian State University for the Humanities.

    During my first year in Moscow I decided to try and challenge myself with working as a tutor in a language center.

    I just wanted to see how far I’m able to go in teaching … and I’m still here.

    I really love my profession. Actually, working as a teacher is  being an interpreter, a psychologist and an attentive parent at the same time. To be a good teacher you need to have great memory, quick thinking, good sense of humour and another thousand of skills. But it’s definitely worth it. It exposes you to a world of different nations, cultures and the greatest diversity of personalities.

    Now it is my forth year of teaching practice and a second year in EPS. I am finding it to be a great experience working alongside native speakers and hope to continue working with children in my career for the foreseeable future.