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  • Москва, Ленинский проспект, 87А
  • Primary school

    7 - 11 years

    Primary school Program

    1st and 2nd grade

    • Teaching under the “School of Russia” program allows students to thoroughly develop skills for further education (reading, writing, counting) that are necessary for successfully attending secondary school, as well as other educational programs.
    • Lessons such as mathematics, reading, and the world around us is taught in English using the Cambridge Science program, which complements and strengthens the Russian program.
    • Expansion of vocabulary and emphasis on the development of communication in Russian and English.
    • Studying Russian and different literary works, fairy tales, stories, poems.
    • Comprehensive study of the English language: vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Our students successfully pass Cambridge Young Learners and PET exams.
    • Studying the world around us: traditions and cultures of different nations, the basics of natural sciences, history and geography.
    • Creativity and technology: drawing with various materials, designing, modeling, etc.
    • Music and Dance
    • Sport