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  • Kindergarten

    5 - 6 years

    Kindergarten program


    Our purpose is to promote the development of critical thinking skills. Students are not given ready answers. Self-directed research gives them the opportunity to obtain necessary scientific skills, such as predicting, observing, estimating, measuring, comparing, analyzing.

     Furthermore, students have to evaluate their own successes and failures. Our curriculum incorporates each child’s interests and inspires children to be co-creators of their learning. 

    Our routines and child-directed choices boost independence and enable our students to gain life-long habits: problem-solving, decision-making, collaboration, creativity, emotional intelligence. 

    The students are able to participate in the vast range of activities, including math, science, phonics, literacy, music, dance and art. Our aim is to get our students highly involved and to give them the opportunity to be able to express themselves in English.

    Programme of Inquiry

    English Playschool has developed its Programme of Inquiry using the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum framework. This incorporates local and global issues into the curriculum through six transdisciplinary themes. The themes are:


    • Who We Are
    • Where We Are In Place and Time
    • How We Express Ourselves
    • How the World Works
    • How We Organize Ourselves
    • Sharing the Planet


    Our Programme of Inquiry is a framework that guides us in providing our students with an outstanding education and equipping them with the tools they need to become lifelong learners, making informed and ethical choices in our changing world.

    We are always happy to answer questions about English Playschool Programme of Inquiry and the Primary Years Programme curriculum framework. We also run workshops for parents to help them learn more about our curriculum and how parents can support their children’s learning.

    English Playschool aims to provide children with the opportunities to grow academically, creatively, physically and socially. Our Programme of Inquiry and teaching philosophy is designed for our students to reach the following learning outcomes: