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    About the programme

    What can better contribute to the multilateral development of children than travelling, a friendly atmosphere and a rich educational environment? Our project “Italian Holidays” offers an exciting interactive programme designed for different age groups accompanied by familiar teachers and assistants. Every day will include an educational unit, a siesta and an exciting adventure. We will definitely visit the zoo, the beautiful parks of Lignano, the surrounding towns and many other interesting places, take a sea voyage, visit the reserve and the didactic farm. And the beauty of the famous Italian resort will stay in the memory of your child for life!

    The educational programme will be adjusted accordingly to the individual recommendations of our teachers and is also aimed at strengthening the knowledge gained during the 2018/2019 school year.

    Going to the beach

    About the place

    Our camp is located in a cozy one-story cottage in the tourist area of ​​Camping Sabbiadoro just 100 meters from the sea! We chose this building primarily because of the best surroundings: shady pines, soft sand and proximity to the beach. The sea in this part of Italy is known for its gentle entrance. Safe swimming and playing in warm water and on the shore are in the daily programme of the camp.

    About the building

    The cottage, which got the name ‘White House’ from the locals, is rented by English Playschool for the entire programme period. It has a kitchen, educational and play zone, a nap room for children. We also actively use the terrace and the area around the house; various activities and sport games, as well as breakfast and snack are organized in the open air. We ourselves picked up and bought the furniture for our children. The classroom is equipped with a projector.

    Programme schedule

    The camp programme is designed for different age groups of children from 3 to 10-11 years. The topics of classes in different groups are similar, however, they are adapted to the age characteristics and preferences. Tasks for each group are also divided into several levels, so that learning is feasible, and therefore enjoyable


    Every morning after breakfast at 9.00 and a short introductory lesson we set off to the sea. During the day we will still have time for sports in the shade of a pine forest on our territory and on specially equipped grounds.

    From 11.00 to 12.45 the classes will be held: interactive stories, lessons with a native English speaker, mathematics, science, arts and crafts and much more. As always in our school, all classes will be conducted in English.

    (The camp programme in Italy is coordinated with Moscow, so when going from one to another the child will not have problems with adaptation. All classes are based on Cambridge and Early Education standards but are 100% original).


    In order not to change the ancient Italian traditions, we will have a siesta from 13.30 to 15.00. If your child doesn’t need a nap at this time, he or she will practice yoga, English grammar, reading, listening to an interesting story or classical music…



    Every day in the afternoon we will make an exciting adventure related to the topic of our classes. This will give children the opportunity not only to learn a lot of new and interesting things, but also to see everything with their own eyes, and sometimes to touch and even taste!

    The programme includes trips to the zoo, UNICEF Adventure Park (Parco Avventura UNICEF), didactic farm, to the marina, a trip to the river, as well as parks and sports fields.

    One day a week, on request, you can leave your child with us to the evening programme and the Pajama Party until 21.00.

    About Camp Diary

    In addition to great memories, children will be able to make their own Camp diaries using the scratch booking technique. Every day the kids will receive their special tasks, which they will perform both in the classroom and during trips and hikes!

    Together with the diaries in September all participants of the Italian Holidays will receive personalized photo albums and a copy of the film about the camp!

    Excursion in Lignano

    About food

    Italian food is known worldwide for its quality, variety and, of course, great taste. During the day we offer three meals: breakfast at 9:00, a full meal (soup, second, salad and dessert) at 13:00 and picnic at 16:00.


    The menu of our Camp was created taking into account our familiar kitchen and the classic menu of Italian kindergartens in this region!

    Boys in Lignano

    A bit about the region

    You can endlessly talk about the North of Italy: the magnificence of the mountain ranges, the beauty of the beaches and antique cities. In addition to the tranquil and charming resort of Lignano, you will be able to visit perhaps ones of the most popular Italian cities such as Venice and Trieste, small cozy old towns of Udine and Portogruaro, the Brenta Valley and the thermal resort of nearby Bibione, the ski resorts of Cortina D’Ampezzo and Sappada.

    You can take longer trips on weekends or on Thursdays when children stay with us at the Pajama Party.

    We will also offer parents a programme of day trips and/or excursions on our minibus. By 17.00 you will be back in Lignano and you can go with the children to the sea or to the park.

    And every Friday at the end of the day we invite the parents for a joint program that we will prepare and organize with the children



    Costs and Conditions


    Italy, the resort of Lignano Sabbiadoro

    Camping Sabbiadoro,

    Via Sabbiadoro, 8

    Options for participation

    Choose the number of weeks that best suit you. Any length and combination is available.


     July , 2020,

    from 9.00 to 17.00

    (till 21.00 on Thursday)


    for 1 week – 600 euro

    for 2 weeks – 1200 euro

    for 3 weeks – 1650 euro

    for 4 weeks – 2150 euro

    for 5 weeks – 2550 euro

    The price includes

    Classes with teachers on the programme
    Meals “full board”: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea.
    Transfer of children on excursions and daily delivery to the Camp, if required.
    Entrance tickets for children for the trips with teachers to all excursions, the cost of children’s participation in paid activities.

    Additional charges

    Hotel (apartments, camping, villa accommodation). Medical insurance.
    Flight to Venice or Treviso or Trieste (it is possible to Verona, but this is much further). Visa.

    Excursions for parents.


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