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  • Geography

    Every week in this club is an incredible adventure to a new country!

    Children will get acquainted with different cultures, languages ​​and traditions. We will start with the basics: getting acquainted with the map of the world, finding out the difference between a city, country and a continent, and later get acquainted with different countries and talk about their culture. Children will learn how countries differ and why these differences exist, thereby developing critical thinking skills. Why do so many people around the world speak Spanish if they are not from Spain? Why are there so many volcanoes in Indonesia? Why are there practically no plants in the Antarctic? These and many other questions children will receive an answer to in the Geography club. We learn something special about each country we have studied, whether they are elements of a national dance, a recipe for a traditional dish, or rules of local sport. Additionally, at each lesson we will devote time to a creative project that will help us develop fine motor skills.