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  • Cooking club

    In the classroom, children will not just learn how to cook, but also learn about healthy eating.

    At the beginning of the year, we will get acquainted with kitchen utensils, learn the rules of safe behaviour in the kitchen, prepare cold snacks (sandwiches, dishes with raw fruits and vegetables), and then proceed to baking and cooking more complex dishes. A variety of lessons awaits children. Some will be more devoted to cooking, others will focus on reading, writing and learning new words. In the culinary club, children will not only improve their reading and writing skills, but develop motor skills, acquire important practical skills, such as making a list of ingredients or performing step-by-step instructions during the cooking process. Additionally, we will involve our knowledge of mathematics in order to weigh, measure and count the ingredients. Overall, we aim to show the children that cooking is fun and interesting, and to inspire them to independent culinary experiments.