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  • After school activities

    After all the main lessons are finished there is even more opportunity for fun, games and learning! We have a range of clubs including sport clubs, Beginners English club, ballet, arts and crafts and even book club!
    Children at English Playschool Moscow


    Additional classes are open to all, however the number of places in groups is limited. We can only guarantee a place for the students attending our school.

    Learning is fun

    Every moment is important when talking about the development of children. Children learn by playing, exploring and experimenting, asking endless and unexpected questions, and trying new things to touch and taste. Our task is to provide them with the opportunity to do all of this in a safe and warm atmosphere, where our caregivers will select classes that will reveal the most potential of every age and every single child.

    English Club

    In these classes, children are introduced to many fascinating topics in a playful way. They get acquainted with amazing facts, replenish vocabulary and learn to communicate in English. The club is designed for children who have not yet had experience in learning English.

    Book & Drama

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    The whole world consists of complex systems: our galaxy, the food chain, human life systems, and many others. Throughout the year, we will explore and learn about these systems in a fun and interactive way.

    Animal Club

    Here, children can learn about exotic animals from around the world in a fun and playful way. This informative and at the same time entertaining program will surely please every child.


    Join our teachers to share the joy of movement and recharge your batteries. A busy and energetic hour of exercise and games will help you stay in shape, maintain good health and develop flexibility.

    Let's dance

    We invite you to plunge into the beautiful world of rhythm and dance. Our dance club is a great opportunity to improve coordination, gain flexibility and grace, as well as improve knowledge of the English language.

    Science and Chess

    Two incredibly complex, but fascinating programs combined into one two-hour club are ideal for developing intelligence. Experimental lessons in the basics of chemistry and physics, as well as the development of logical combinations are taught in a comfortable playful way.

    Protecting the Environment

    This after school program is for older children and is key to creating a sense of responsibility towards our planet, its inhabitants and resources. Children will get acquainted with current environmental problems and ways to solve them, as well as learn new vocabulary relevant to the topic.

    Sensory Development Club

    This is a club designed for our youngest explorers allows them, under the supervision of experienced teachers, to touch, touch, mark, smell and try many different objects and materials around us everywhere. Such close contact with the outside world is the first step to a continuous thirst for knowledge.

    Hand & Foot

    This club is a continuation of the sensory development club and are designed for older age groups. They set themselves the task of developing motor skills – preparing the necessary muscle groups for confident and beautiful writing.

    Creative Writing

    This two-year course in writing is designed for children who continue to learn English after graduating from kindergarten. The main objectives of the program: to acquaint students with different types of text, to deepen knowledge of the structure of the English language, and who knows, maybe, to grow outstanding writers!


    Training for boys and girls ages 3-10 from beginner to advanced level. The coaches come all the way from the UK and have UEFA qualifications. To sign up, you must additionally contact the school administration.


    In these classes, we learn about distant countries, beautiful cities, people and animals that live there, as well as their culture and traditions. Children will broaden their horizons, have fun, and also learn many new English words.

    History and civilization

    How many labours did Hercules complete? Who built the Egyptian pyramids and why? Children will find answers to these and many other questions that will allow them to lay the foundations for understanding what the world’s history and culture are based on.

    Arts & Crafts

    We create incredible, beautiful and funny crafts from the most unexpected materials. Creative activities will help to develop imagination, fine motor skills, visual perception, give free rein to the imagination and to learn self-expression.

    Cooking Club

    In this club, children will not just learn how to cook different foods, but also learn about healthy eating. We want to show children that cooking is fun and interesting, and to inspire them to independently experiment with food.


    To help children not only learn more about their bodies, but also to learn how to listen, hear and control themselves is the goal of the Yoga club. After all, the earlier a child becomes comfortable in their own body, the easier it will be for them to control themselves, including during training sessions.

    Preparing for school

    Enter any Russian primary school with no problems! Not only the knowledge gained in our school helps to successfully pass the entrance exams to the first grade, but also by the speech development club using a recommended program from educational standards

    Parents Club

    A warm family atmosphere has always been a strong point of our school. We are happy to share Friday night not only with our students, but also with their family members, so that everyone has the opportunity to practice speaking English and understand English.