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  • History and Civilization

    In this club, our students study history using examples from such ancient civilizations as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Aztec Empire, and others.

    Eight classes are devoted to these topics, enabling students to fully immerse themselves into those times. In the classroom, we consider the life of the people of that time, their religious views and the contribution that science and culture of ancient civilizations made to modern life. We also try to overcome common misconceptions, such as the fact that the Vikings wore horns on their helmets, or that Columbus discovered America. In our classes, we teach children the basics of critical thinking, teach them to form their own view of problems and, of course, help them master the skills of reading, speaking and writing. We encourage free vision. For example, talking about such a concept as knights, we mention not only nobility and courage, but also crusades, allowing children to independently form their own ideas about knights. In addition, our students participate in exciting projects, role-play and games that help them not only develop motor skills, but also better understand the material being studied.