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    Admission policy

    English Playschool serves the educational needs of both international and local children. The IB PYP as well as the Russian state curriculum is offered to all the students of English Playschool. The school operates a non-discriminatory admission policy. Admissions are accepted and welcomed throughout the year. The school has a bilingual and international strand to our academic programme, we accept children with no previous experience of speaking English up to and including Preschool class. Beyond this,
    decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis after an interview with the Principal and the headteacher.

    Special needs

    English Playschool does not have a formal academic screening process and
    welcomes students with a wide variety of skills and abilities. Admission is considered to students who demonstrate age appropriate abilities to meet the school’s standard grade level learning outcomes, and who are able to function emotional and physically with minimal support. Where significant learning or physical support to function within the school’s inclusive setting and to meet the academic requirements needed, applicants may be considered only if the school is able to cater for individual needs. A child may not be admitted for any of the following reasons:
    ● It is determined that the student would not benefit educationally from attending
    the school.
    ● The school cannot meet the educational needs of the student.
    ● The lack of appropriate facilities and equipment
    ● The size of the class

    Admission age criteria

    Age (by August, 31)

    English Playschool class

    UK system

    2-3 years
    3-4 years
    4-5 years
    5-6 years
    Year 1
    6-7 years
    Kindergarten Advanced
    Year 2
    7-8 years
    Grade 1
    Year 3
    8-9 years
    Grade 2
    Year 4
    9-10 years
    Grade 3
    Year 5
    10-11 years
    Grade 4
    Year 6

    Families seeking admission for their child(ren) are advised to apply as early as possible as certain classes fill up quickly. The maximum class size is 18 students for the Kindergarten (age 2-7) and 10 students for the Primary school (age 7-11). In the case of a child being accepted but with no space available in the class, the child is placed on a waiting list.

    Required application materials

    Before a student may be admitted to English Playschool, all of the following must be submitted:

     1. Entrance fee.

     2. Student Application Form. This should be completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian.

     3. Contract. This should be completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian.

    4. A photocopy of: the parents’ passports and childbirth certificate.

     5. Medical Forms:

     – Copy of the medical policy;

     – Copy of the vaccination record;

     – Health card – form 026y;

     – Tests.

    Revision of this Policy

    This policy is developed by the school administration and school leadership team. It is the responsibility of the IB coordinator to develop and maintain a policy review cycle, updating the information. The next revision is scheduled for the academic year 2020/2021.